I am a post-doctoral researcher in the TEA group at Inria in Rennes since 2023.

I was a PhD candidate in the Computer Security group at CWI in Amsterdam.

My research focuses on using formal languages to model and analyze concurrent systems, and more specifically cyber-physical systems. For my PhD, I developed an algebraic semantic model for cyber-physical systems, and an operational specification in a rewriting framework.

Concurrently, I contributed to the development of a compiler for the Reo coordination language, and implemented a framework in Maude for the execution and analysis of concurrent systems.

My cv.

My PhD thesis (defended on June 1st 2023).


In May 2023, I submitted with David Nowak and Jean-Pierre Talpin a short paper for the FORMATS conference (paper, reviews).
I am currently working on a revision. A problem I recently faced is described here (in french though..), and the current theory is formalized in Coq here.

In January 2023, applied for the post-doctoral Bienvenüe funding (application, reviews).
I am currently working on a revision for the post-doctoral MSCA funding.

I would be happy to collaborate on any of the above.